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Meet Dr Kathryn Hollins

Psychiatrist for Parenthood, Pregnancy and Family Life

Come and meet with me for a Parenthood Consultation if:

  • you are pregnant or have a child and have questions or struggles about motherhood 

  • you and your partner are expecting a baby and have questions about making the transition from life as a couple to family life as co-parents

  • you have a baby or young child and have questions about how best to respond to their behaviour. 

  • you are unsure how to create a healthy rhythm for your family: Career? Childcare? Identity? Homelife and worklife? Where to start...

  • Your are feeling overwhelmed, low in mood, anxious, angry and need support to make sense of your feelings during pregnancy or any stage on your motherhood or fatherhood journey. Parents of older children and adults welcome too.

  • You are having intense and challenging feelings about being a mother or father that feel hard to manage.

  • Your family are having a difficult time due to change, loss or trauma. 

  • Be courageous, reach out and contact me. You are not alone. Motherhood and Fatherhood are emotional rollercoasters for all, your experience can change, with support.

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My professional background

I am a Consultant Parent, Child and Family Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. My qualifications are MBChB MRC Psych MSc.

My current work includes running The Hollins Practice, a private clinic for parents and families. Please see above for details on the reasons for which I am able to offer specialist assessment, treatment and psychotherapeutic consulations. I am able to accept referrals from GPS and I am registered with most insurance companies (though not BUPA) as well as self-funding clients.

I am also employed by the NHS in Surrey to support families during the First 1000 Days of life from conception to age two, by collaboration between services, communities and families.

For ten years I was the Clinical Lead for the Perinatal and Parent Infant Mental Health Service at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London and worked closely with midwives, obstetricians, GPs and Health visitors during pregnancy and the first year of life. Since then I have been finding ways of  innovating and making my knowledge accessible to more parents.

For example I worked with entrepreneurs on the Circles App, to support new mums at the start of motherhood by offering expert postings and small online support groups.

I completed a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship which enabled me to explore the support available for parents in meeting the emotional needs of their children in Norway and Scotland and compared this with England. I learned how our social and community environments can profoundly affect our health and happiness. I developed a parenthood ecology model to enable parents to explore their own environments from home life to wider world.

I trained as a medical doctor 25 years ago. I then studied anthropology in recognition of the profound influence of culture on our health and happiness. I spent the next nine years training and working in Child and Family Psychiatry and Psychotherapy across all ages (child and adult), in particular at the Tavistock clinic in London. The breadth and depth of my training developed my experience and skills in focusing on parenthood, pregnancy and family life.