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Kathryn is full of wisdom. Gentle and open minded, calm and realistic about the real challenges parents face, Kathryn's knowledge of how we humans think and interpret things helps decipher some of parenting’s most tricky problems. Her gentle manner and true expertise are a godsend for exhausted and confused parents. She’s the guardian angel voice of reason that all parents thank their lucky stars for.

Marina Fogle

The Bump Class • The Parent Hood 

Kathryn's gentle approach helped us to understand that as parents we must be mindful of our own emotions and keep open arms as our children explore the world and their own emotions.  We have brought this mindful approach into our everyday life and we have enjoyed an immediate change in our family harmony, with just three consultations.  Everything just seems calmer and more peaceful.

Our young son’s confidence has really developed and he is enjoying himself and is doing well in class.  His negative language about himself and others has stopped.  So has his bed wetting.  And he just seems to be getting 'stuck into' things more.  It's wonderful to see.

Kathryn is an excellent listener. She deeply understands the challenges and questions that all families have and she brings this expertise together to help us become the parents we aspire to be.

A grateful Dad and Mum

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