Parenthood consultations


"It takes a village to raise a child"



What To Expect at your Consultation

Empowering you by increasing your understanding of parenthood,

 family relationships and yourself

I am here to listen, make sense of your struggles and questions and share ideas with you. Spending time sharing your experiences with me can enable you to reflect on why you feel, act and think the way you do about yourself, your family and your parenting, and to give you the opportunity to create more health and happiness for you and your family.

Becoming a mother or father is a profound change, and can strengthen, energise or unsettle all your relationships. This oftern happens at the same time as you are experiencing the intensity of mother-child and father-child and mother-father relationships. It is a lot to manage and can feel exhausting.

Responding to our children's needs triggers memories in us of our own experiences of being parented. Sometimes the memories are feelings in our body rather than clear coherent stories with words. You may simply have a sense of being overwhelmed or angry or anxious. This is common and with support you can make sense of it and reach a more satisfying experience of parenthood and family life.